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How did I met her? It is a weird question, the first time I saw her I was little, hunting with my mother, at that time she was with her friend Ahyla that had a hair so white, I never saw that color in so much abundance, they were so surreal; but she, Alma, was so opposite, she had black hair and a skin so pale in comparing with mine, my mother told me that seeing this being were so rare, only a few dare to cross the dessert just to talk to us, even less cross the sea, but when they come, they mostly talk about those enigmatic lands; land with so many trees that you could say that it was always night, or lands so white and cold that your body would stop moving without you knowing it. But these 2 persons, Alma and Ahyla were different, the wanted to learn our way to speak, at that moment I was “ha, it is boring do that” so I did not pay attention to their work and they stayed for almost 9 rain seasons; it was the longest time that people from beyond the desert would stay in this land and how they came, they went.
It would be around the 25th raining season that I heard from her, well, them again; we were preparing to go to sleep when one of the guardians came to our group, to warm us about the goddess of dead  is coming to our lands to destroy us. It was around the last 4 season of hearing stories about her, her lack of color, how all of her was white cause of a curse for disobey orders from her master, that how she eat her pet to destroy some of the land of the south, how the land rotten after that event, even more terrifying that she with one of her beast killed her master and took a whole land to the bottom of the sea, how she can convert all our dreams in nightmares, transform the day in night with just a blink, call winds so powerful that it could lift a whole mountain. I went to the north with my friend Zuee to hunt her, I would not allow that someone like her destroy all the things a love. So, I traveled for more than 45 days looking for that monster and when I was looking for a refuge to rest I saw them; it was her, the own goddess of dead, so lack of color and with one of her beast besides her, them, I remember her, it was Alma but her hair was white and large, so large and her eyes, it was not her eyes, it is more the eyes of Ahyla: grey and white; they were together, they were sharing the body somehow, also it was their beast, taller than her, it was a reptile, she told me that it was her friend Karib. We talked about why they were spreading those lies, that she indeed was responsible for what happened in the southlands, that indeed her friends gave their lives to save her and all the traps of people that hated her put her in the situation that she is now; and, she could see what would happen if the events follows this path; she was traveling for all the lands looking for help and that was when they show me what you call “The Future”, the “What If”.
The things that I saw… what they show me, I am still not sure if what she did was the right choice she made, how when the day became night, when the dead started to attack their former allies, how we reappeared in their home days away from the battleground in just a blink and the meteor in the distance. After almost 70 raining seasons, how the lands officially know her as the Goddess of Dead, there are few of our kind, the lands somehow are separating, there are few travelers now because they are afraid that she comes back to kill them.
Maybe what she did was because she did not wanted to lose more loved ones, she decided to die for the agony of loose Karib and we could not do something to prevent it, I blame myself for that, maybe I was not the right person, maybe I should stay beside them and not follow the plan, I should kill the traitors when I had the chance, the “What If” that still haunts me, maybe after my rebirth and we gather again could be different.
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